Product Engineering

We have several years of experience and deep technical capabilities to engineer the best and most scalable products in the world. Our own flagship product PIMerce is built on a large big data platform and is engineered to deal with millions of data sets every second. We provide end to end services right from the concept stage all the way to sustain and scale.

Depending on where you are in your product journey, we can tailor and offer turnkey solutions to partner at the right level and provide services across 3 stages of the product lifecycle. Speak to us to know more.


Our team can take an idea or a business problem and build blueprints for world class products. We have deep consulting expertise and this we strongly leverage to build the right solutions for any problem. What you will end up with is a solution that will address your business case and sometimes beyond it.


We have a strong full stack development team that can bring to life many complex products. Our technology experts are engaged right from the time the product is envisioned and are able to build solutions to perfection.


After a product is engineered, it takes effort to scale it. We have expertise in building solutions that scale to multiple geographies and massive amount of users. We also enable maintenance and support of the developed product so you can focus on your business problem and the technicalities to us.