E-commerce Insights​

We have developed Pimerce our flagship product targeted at brands to enable them to sell better on ecommerce marketplaces and retailers. Pimerce runs on a high performance STARK engine that we have developed running on a big data platform and crunching data from millions of sources every minute. The product is the biggest testament to our technological capabilities built on a large big data infrastructure in the backend and an intuitive react front-end. 

 Who is this product for?

Our product is targeted at the thousands of sellers and brands that are currently running business on amazon type marketplaces and retail platforms (e.g – bigbasket, lazada mall, walmart etc.). Through our robotic engines, we are able to analyze a brand or seller’s data (millions of records every second) and provide the right information for taking action to drive uplift in sales. This is achieved through a variety of parameters from search, quality of content, real-time monitoring of prices etc.

Under the hood –

Our STARK engine is powered by a cassandra DB on leverages state of the art technologies such as Kafka, Nifi, R and React for data display and analysis. On top of the STARK engine we have several data science models custom built on R and focused on ecommerce to provide capabilities such as inventory forecasting to brands.

Our dashboards are designed to integrate plans to outcomes and highlight a host of key KPI’s that can influence your digital commerce business.

Every aspect of the product is completely designed and built by PIXMonks leveraging the best of technologies.