A career with us is not a job, its an experience. As a company, our firm commitment has been to grow our people. Thus we put people first in PIXMonks. We firmly believe that when we take exceptional care of our people, they in turn take good care of our clients and give the best foot forward. At PIXMonks, you will get the opportunity to work with some of the best mentors in the industry and on cutting edge engagements. We are a full stack development company and are into building great products for us and our clients. There will be constantly challenging assignments that will push your learning and drive to achieve it big in the industry.

Our people first principle means, also means we expect our employees to be top notch. We will sweat it out and ensure you are treated well and get the best of training, environment and exposure. We however ask for 2 key qualities among all our hires –

1. Solid Aptitude
2. Great attitude

Everything else, we will help train!

If you think you have a fire in yourself to learn and build world class products, reach out to us. 

If you have already spent a few years working in the industry and understand programming in general and have a love to code, reach out to us. Technology no bar! We always have great opportunities to learn and earn